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Join our Content Design team

Apply your leadership skills and build relationships to make a difference in the lives of people in Scotland.

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Deliver a valuable service

Our vision is to create a more successful country, increase wellbeing and provide opportunities to all people living in Scotland. As an organisation we embody the values of In the Service of Scotland in that we act with integrity, are inclusive, collaborative, innovative and kind.  

We are in a period of scaling the maturity of our content operations and you will be part of the central Scottish Government content operations team shaping the future of how, when and where government publishes the information our users need. 

Why Join Scottish Government as a Content Designer? 

You will discover new tools and learn new techniques; trends shift, new technologies are developed, new languages are written, tools are improved, created and removed.   

The use of our products will enable users to comprehend complex information and complete particular tasks thanks to great content. This boosts conversion rates, brand recognition, and user experience. Depending on the context of the particular content you support, it will either enhance how the public sector supports end users or directly support those end users to meet their needs. 

As a content designer, you will review and produce content for one or more business areas in support of a publishing service. Each piece of content ought to be a stand-alone product that meets a particular user need that the business area wants to satisfy with its offerings. You will use the appropriate patterns and formats, such as publications, forms, and other web content (static or dynamic), to plan, create, publish, and review the various content products within a specific business area or content journey. 

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What do we do in content design?

As content designers we are here to make things easier for people to understand and use. This can involve working on a single piece of content or on the end-to-end journey of a service to help users complete their goal and government deliver a policy intent. Our work involves the creation of, or change to, a transaction, product or single piece of content that stretches across digital and offline channels.

What our employees say about us

 Jonathan Watt – Senior Content Designer 

“My background was in journalism and while I enjoyed that time in my career, it feels like I’ve found my true calling in content design within the Scottish Government. Armed with the skills I already had and what I’ve learned in my role, I’m able to marry what our users need to know with what we need to tell them. Keeping simplicity at the forefront of the content we design allows people to easily access and understand the vital services we provide. 

Coming from an industry which technically may not be considered user or person-centred design, my time within the Scottish Government has taught me so much about the world of user experience. And seeing the positive outcomes my work has contributed to in service of our country gives me both satisfaction and pride.”

Mark West – Content Designer

“I joined SG as a content designer in May ‘23 and I love the job. I have a background as an English Literature academic and project manager, and whether I’m writing new content or editing and updating pre-existing content, I find I’m using the skills I developed in my previous roles to make a piece of writing work as great content. 

I’m also really enjoying learning about different policy areas. I’m part of the content team, so the topics of the content I’m working on are constantly changing. I find it really stimulating working with subject matter experts in different areas to fine-tune content. Added to that I work with friendly and supportive colleagues who have made me feel really welcomed – all of this makes it a great job!” 

Opportunities for growth and development

Ambition, knowledge, skills, success

When you join us, you'll be able to:

  • Develop your understanding of content design in a Civil Service context, the Digital Scotland Service Standard, the Scottish approach to Service Design and using the Digital Scotland Design System.
  • Support the scaling of content operations across government.
  • Advising on and applying content strategy for small scale business areas or single content journeys.
  • Development of strategic and systems thinking and their use in the context of large organisation content operations.
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